We are a global Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy working with organisations of all sizes to help them create more inclusive cultures. Our clients benefit from our many years of research, knowledge, experience, and expertise, which places us at the leading edge of inclusive practice.

We know that diversity and inclusion interlocks across many aspects of your business, so our range of development initiatives are designed to empower your leaders and staff to incorporate inclusion within all aspects of your strategic objectives.

Our pool of consultants has expertise across the full range of protected characteristics, so are able to support your organisation at a strategic level as well in your focus on raising awareness and training in specific areas.

We create and design bespoke Inclusive and Leadership development programmes that fit the needs of each organisation.  In addition, we also work with accreditation organisations such as the CMI and are able to provide programmes that are certified. 

We are here to support you on your inclusion journey whether your organisation is just starting out or are more experienced.


Inclusive Companies Consultancy is on a mission to create greater diversity, inclusion, and belonging within all organisations, across all sectors and levels for all employees. Our mission includes working with senior leaders to develop conscious inclusive leadership from Board to entrance levels.  

We support organisations to enable their diverse talent, irrespective of their background, to progress and thrive throughout the whole of the organisation.

At the heart of how we will achieve this mission are five key elements to our practice based on our many years of acquired expertise, experience, skill, knowledge and research. 

These five key elements are: 

Creating genuinely Inclusive organisational cultures in all sectors.

Developing and progressing diverse talent.

That we are unequivocally inclusive for all.

Focused on to create, nurture and sustain a global inclusive culture.

Targeted to train consciously inclusive leaders.


Our vision is a global one: a world where the practise of inclusion is the norm; where everyone experiences being valued, heard, and welcomed for their whole selves.



High standards, reliability and quality of work are our hallmark.


We believe in being truthful about our findings but will undertake this with sensitivity.


A willingness to have difficult conversations and continue to engage even when things get tough.

Being heard

We are inclusive and listen to the views of each individual stakeholder.


We confirm understanding, agree outcomes and deliver to a high standard and quality.

Passion for Change and improvement

We are highly passionate about working to create effective and lasting change.

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